How Technology Can Help You Stay Fit With Android Apps

Everyone is worried about obesity nowadays, since it is one of the biggest health concerns of our time. Considering the kind of lifestyle most people lead, obesity has become a common phenomenon. However, it can be intimidating to keep track of stuff required to stay fit, such as calories consumed and burned, blood pressure, BMI and other related statistics.

Thankfully, there are many useful Android apps that will help keep a good shape. Here are few of the top health apps on Android platform.

CardioTrainer It combines a free cardio trainer and a racing application, which challenges the users to improve their best times. This app also features a virtual race simulator and a voice messaging system that helps the users know how much progress they have made.

Weight Watchers Point Tracker If you are following the Weight Watchers diet list, this app will help you in every step of your diet. Just type the diet plan you want to follow, and the app will provide you a point score along with other nutrition information.

Fast Food Calorie Counter Even when you are trying your best to watch your diet, sometimes it becomes tough to resist the temptation of fast food. This app helps you avoid dangerous fried, fat-rich snacks by providing information on contents, calories, carbs, fiber and protein for more than 8,000 food iterms from different restaurants.

Endomondo Sports Tracker This is a fantastic app for runners, joggers, cyclists, roller skaters or people who use jogging or walking to stay in shape. It helps you monitor time, speed, distance and altitude. It also keeps the history of your workout regime.

Calorie Counter by FatSecret Here is a simple app for those who’d like to monitor their calories and nutritional tidbits. This app also suggests recommended daily calorie intake for the user to achieve individual fitness or weight loss goals.

Noom This app provides personalized tasks using scientifically-proven weight-loss plans. Noom uses gamification technique to motivate the user, and combines a logbook for diets, workouts as well as weight loss.

BMI Calculator BMI or Body Mass Index is vital to determine if one is overweight. It can be a complicated task to calculate the BMI, but with this app, BMI can be easily measured. It shows stats in metric as well as imperial units.

Diet Point This app combines a huge list of diet plans with a large weight-loss forum on mobile. It also comes with meal reminders and BMI calculators.