Four Little-Known Ways to Use Your iPhone for Household Tasks

The iPhone truly is an amazing piece of technology. Besides just making phone calls, its capable of email, scheduling, GPS navigation, streaming music, recording video, and pretty much everything you could ever want in a handheld tech device. But surprisingly, this handy little device can also be used around your home to complete a number of mundane household tasks. From DIY to simple chores, here are some interesting things you didnt know you could use your iPhone for.

Stud finder

During some DIY projects, youll need to find the framing studs in your wall. Believe it or not, your iPhone can do this. Because it has a magnetometer (used to make the compass app work), apps like Stud Find or iStud can detect screws or nails into a stud. Why spend cash on a dedicated stud-finder device when you could just spend a couple of bucks on an app?

Measure pretty much anything

No ruler? No tape measure? No problem! Apps like Aim or Size That Up use your iPhones camera to take approximate measurements of items. Size That Up compares objects of a known size (like a credit card) next to the object you want to measure, while Aim makes its calculations based on your height and the angle of your shot.

Plumb Bob and Level

An iPhone can really be a huge help with DIY projects. The built-in motion sensors make the iPhone ideal for acting as either a descent level or a plumb bob. iHandy apps offer some of the best tools for these kind of jobs.

Organizing your remotes

One common weekend project is paring down your pile of Blu-ray, TV, Internet TV, and sound system remotes into a single remote. Thankfully, your iPhone can also be used to consolidate remotes. Apps like Hippo Remote can work out great.